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Filipino Combat Systems

This is an informational site for those interested in the Filipino martial arts.

It predstastavlen master Ray Dionaldo with your system.

The system is an excellent base in which five levels of training.

The video master files shows these levels.

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Ray Dionaldo

Founder and head of the international organization Filipino Combat Systems, the headquarters of this organization is located in Tampa, Florida. Ray Dionaldo conducts Filipino martial arts workshops around the world and specializes in teaching melee weapons.

Training program

Below is the outline of the FCS curriculum. The program is presented in five video files. The advantages of this element in training are the availability of video material. you can give exams by attending seminars. You can find out about the time and place on the website of R. Dionaldo.


Panantukan / Filipino Boxing

Mano-Mano / Open Hand 

Sikaran / Foot and Leg Fighting 

Solo Baston / Single Stick 

Double Baston / Double Stick

Olisi Palad / Palm Stick 

Tactical Baton 

Kerambit / Hooked Blade

Daga / Single Blade 

Daga Daga / Double Blade 

Espada / Long Sword


Espada y Daga / Sword and Dagger 

Tabak-Toyok / Nunchaku

Sarong / Malong

Latiko / Whip 

Seminar videos:

The workshop was held in Vienna in March 2013. Ray Dionaldo’s seminars are held for two to three days and up to six to seven hours a day. On the websites of FCS Germany and Poland there is always a clear timetable about the time of the examinations. You can come alone, you will be provided with a partner. The interest in the Filipino martial arts in Europe is very high.


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